Italian Society for International Organizations

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Founded 1944
Headquarters Rome, Italy
Area served
Key people
Franco Frattini (president), Giovanni Conso (Vice-president), Luigi Ferrari Bravo (International Community Director)
Website [1]

The Italian Society for International Organization or SIOI (Società Italiana Organizzazione Internazionale) is a non-profit organization operating under the supervision of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was founded in 1944 and it nowadays represents one of the leader societies for international relations, cooperation and liaison with the leading international organizations. The current president is Franco Frattini, former Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs. The foundation is also a top flight institution in the school of government and in the education of international executives and diplomats addressed to the European Union, the United Nations and the most important international institutions and organizations.


It is the Italian Association for the United Nations (UNA Italy), a founding member of the ‘World Federation of the United Nations Associations’ (WFUNA) and an active member of the ‘International Forum on Diplomatic Training’ (IFDT) in Vienna[1] SIOI organizes debates and meetings over the great international themes. Its library holds many of the historical archives belonging to the United Nations and the League of Nations quarters in the cities of New York City, Geneva and Vienna.

Since 1946 SIOI is member of the International Union of Diplomatic Academies of Vienna.