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SKAppleton is the largest annual ska concert in the Midwestern United States.[1] It is held in early May each year in Appleton, Wisconsin, and features ska bands from around the region.[2] The concert has included such bands as Mustard Plug, The Toasters, Umbrella Bed, 1,2,3 Walrus!, The Invaders, Something To Do, Quazimodo and the Hunch, Hired Geeks, Deal's Gone Bad, and Bomb The Music Industry.

The festival is also over a decade old, dating back to at least 1993.[3] It is organized by the bands Something to Do and Car Full of Midgets.

SKAppleton 2011 took place on June 5th at Tanner's in Kimberly, Wisconsin, and featured Something To Do, Car Full of Midgets, Shortstop From Tokyo, Crazy 88, Superluck and more. Mustard Plug headlined the festival.

This also proved to be Car Full of Midgets last Skappleton, and their second to last show. They played their farewell show a few months later at Paperfest in Kimberly.

In 2012, due to financial issues, Skappleton was moved to Milwaukee after 19 years in Appleton and was sponsored by Horny Goat.


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