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IJsbok, a beer that has won many awards for SNAB.

SNAB (an acronym in Dutch: Stichting Noordhollandse Alternatieve Bierbrouwers, North Holland Alternative Beer Brewer's Foundation) is a Dutch organisation dedicated to promoting alternative beer and beer culture in the Netherlands, from Purmerend, North Holland.


SNAB was founded on 24 January 1991 to promote what they term alternative beers and beer culture. They explain this as meaning beers which are brewed either with unusual ingredients or by unusual methods. In order to achieve this they work to develop and commercialise types of beer which are relatively unknown in the Netherlands.[1] Specifically, the SNAB lists its goals as:

  • The reintroduction of older types of beer which have faded from popularity and the introduction of types of beer which have not previously been brewed in the Netherlands.
  • The brewing of beers with their own recognisable taste, with the emphasis on adventurous flavours and taste sensations.
  • Pushing the boundaries of brewing through the use of natural, unconventional ingredients and also combining classic styles to create new, alternative beers.

SNAB does not operate its own commercial scale brewery. Instead, recipes are developed using the foundation's own micro brewery but the beers are brewed on a commercial scale under license by the Proefbrouwerij in Lochristie, Belgium.[2]


Beers produced by SNAB are:[1][3]

Beers produced all year round[edit]

Name Style First brewed ABV Notes
X-Porter Brown porter 1994 4.5%
Koning Honing Honey beer 1998 7.5% Brewed with honey. Gold award, European Beer Star, 2007.
SNAB Pale Ale American pale ale 2000 6.3%
Maelstrøm American barleywine 2001 9.8%
Czaar Peter Russian imperial stout 2002 8.5%
Otter SB Extra special bitter 2008 5.6%

Seasonal beers[edit]

Seasonal beers include:

Name Style First brewed ABV Notes
Speculator Christmas/Winter specialty spiced beer 1996 9.9% Winter beer, produced from November.
Ezelenbok Doppelbock 1998 7.5% Autumn beer, produced from October. Winner of the Best Dutch Bokbeer award 2001, 2002 and 2005.
IJsbok Eisbock 1998 9.0% Autumn beer, produced from October. Silver award winner, World Beer Cup, 2006. Best Dutch Bokbeer, 2007. Best Strong Dutch Bokbeer, 2008.


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