Sveriges Radio P1

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Sveriges Radio P1
SR P1 logo.svg
Broadcast area  Sweden
 Åland Islands
Slogan Den talade kanalen
("The spoken channel")
Format News, current affairs, culture
Language(s) Swedish
Audience share 16.0% (week 13 2015, SIFO)
Owner Sveriges Radio
Website SR P1

P1 is a national radio channel produced by the Swedish public broadcaster Sveriges Radio.

P1, which subtitles itself "The spoken channel" (Den talade kanalen), is the principal radio channel in Sweden for:

  • news
  • community programmes
  • culture
  • radio drama
  • debate
  • science
  • philosophy
  • the expression of opinion
  • international issues

Although the channel formerly closed down for around four hours each night, it now broadcasts around the clock (a 24/7 schedule was introduced with effect from 13 January 2015).[1] Many of the programmes on P1 are repeated at least once – at a different time of day – during each broadcast week:[2] this is a typical feature of spoken-word channels of this type (compare BBC Radio 4 in the United Kingdom, Radio National in Australia).

P1 can be heard in Sweden on FM and DAB, also worldwide via the internet. Part of the P1 schedule is also relayed by the Radio Sweden 1 satellite channel.

The name P1 was originally an abbreviation of Program 1. This is however no longer the case and the channel is now formally called just P1 (pe ett in Swedish).


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