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STX Corporation
Industry Heavy equipment
Founded 1976 (renamed in 2001)
Headquarters Flag of South Korea.svgJinhae, South Korea
Key people
Chairman Kang Duk-soo
Products Shipbuilding, Construction, Energy, Trade, Banking
Total assets $ 23 billion USD (2008 2Q)
Number of employees
44,000 (STX Total) 2008
20,000 (STX Europe)
Subsidiaries STX Corporation
STX Offshore & Shipbuilding
STX Engine
STX Pan Ocean
STX Energy
STX Heavy Industries
STX Enpaco
STX Construction
STX Europe ASA
STX Dalian
Website STX Corporation

STX Corporation is a South Korean holding company engaged in the provision of trading services. Headquartered in Gyeongsangnamdo, South Korea, the company operates its business through two divisions: trade and ship maintenance. Its trade business division provides shipping and energy materials, coal, oil, steel and others. Its ship maintenance business offers cargo management, marine technical, insurance, crew management and other related services.[1]

The company had five local subsidiaries including STX Offshore & Shipbuilding, STX Engine, STX Heavy Industries, STX PanOcean and STX Energy.

STX Offshore & Shipbuilding is the world's fourth largest shipbuilder, acquired in 2008 Norwegian shipbuilder Aker Yards in order to diversify their product line.[2]

STX business areas[edit]

  • Shipbuilding business
  • Offshore business
  • Diesel engine business for ships and military
  • Diesel power business
  • Industrial plant business
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Shipping
  • Electronic equipment (TASS, TACM, Radar..)



  • STX Engine
  • STX Metal
  • STX Heavy Industries (Large Size Engine)

Construction and plant

  • STX Construction
  • STX Heavy Industries


  • STX Energy
  • STX Solar
  • Tiger Oil



  • Heungguk Mutual Savings Bank

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