SV 1919 Bernbach

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SV 1919 Bernbach
Full name Sportverein 1919 Bernbach e.V.
Founded 1 September 1919
Ground Stadion an der Birkenhainer Straße
Chairman Thomas Börner, Jörg Franz,
Freddy Giera, Hans Schilling
Manager Marco Roth
League Kreisoberliga Gelnhausen (VIII)
2015–16 8th

SV 1919 Bernbach is a German association football club in Bernbach, a village in Freigericht, Hesse.


The club was founded in the autumn of 1919 as Fußballclub Germania Bernbach. The club suspended its activities with the onset of World War II and after the conflict was re-established as Sportgemeinde Bernbach out of which came Sportverein 1919 Bernbach in 1954.[1]

After many years in lower tier football the team first ascended to the Landesliga Hessen-Süd (V) in 1990 on the strength of a Berzirksliga Frankfurt/Ost championship. They finished in second place in their debut Landesliga season and the capture of a division title in 1995 advanced the club to the Oberliga Hessen (IV). Bernbach earned a vice-championship there in 1998 and took part in promotion playoff for the Regionalliga Süd (III), but missed advancing when they finished second to SC Pfullendorf.[2]

The club soon ran into financial difficulty and by 2001 were facing bankruptcy. They were initially refused a license for Oberliga play and faced relegation, but after long negotiation and the adoption of a tight budget were able to stay up. Bernbach was eventually relegated after a poor result in 2005, and has since become an elevator club moving frequently between fourth and fifth tier competition. After re-claiming a place in the Oberliga in 2006–07, SV finished in 14th place and were again relegated to play in the Landesliga Hessen (V). In the following years, the club suffered a decline which has put it into the Kreisoberliga (VIII) for 2011–12.

SV Bernbach is notable as having been one of the ten smallest clubs in the country playing at the Oberliga level.


The club's honours:

Recent seasons[edit]

The recent season-by-season performance of the club:[3][4]

Season Division Tier Position
1999–2000 Oberliga Hessen IV 8th
2000–01 Oberliga Hessen 15th
2001–02 Oberliga Hessen 11th
2002–03 Oberliga Hessen 8th
2003–04 Oberliga Hessen 14th
2004–05 Oberliga Hessen 16th ↓
2005–06 Landesliga Hessen-Süd V 1st ↑
2006–07 Oberliga Hessen IV 14th ↓
2007–08 Landesliga Hessen-Süd V 17th ↓
2008–09 Gruppenliga Frankfurt-Ost VII 10th
2009–10 Gruppenliga Frankfurt-Ost 10th
2010–11 Gruppenliga Frankfurt-Ost 15th ↓
2011–12 Kreisoberliga Gelnhausen VIII 7th
2012–13 Kreisoberliga Gelnhausen 6th
2013–14 Kreisoberliga Gelnhausen 2nd
2014–15 Kreisoberliga Gelnhausen 3rd
2015–16 Kreisoberliga Gelnhausen 8th
2016–17 Kreisoberliga Gelnhausen
  • With the introduction of the Regionalligas in 1994 and the 3. Liga in 2008 as the new third tier, below the 2. Bundesliga, all leagues below dropped one tier. Also in 2008, a large number of football leagues in Hesse were renamed, with the Oberliga Hessen becoming the Hessenliga, the Landesliga becoming the Verbandsliga, the Bezirksoberliga becoming the Gruppenliga and the Bezirksliga becoming the Kreisoberliga.
Promoted Relegated


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