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SWX Europe, formerly virt-x (virt-x Exchange Limited) and Tradepoint, was an electronic cross-border share trading platform that operated between 1995 and 2009. In 2009 all business was transferred to its owner SIX Swiss Exchange.[1]


Tradepoint Investment Exchange was founded by three former employees of London Stock Exchange in 1995. It was an order-driven market, and was known as Tradepoint. As a Recognised Investment Exchange (RIE) based in London, it was supervised by the UK's Financial Services Authority (FSA).[2]

In late 2002, it became the subject of a takeover offer by the Swiss exchange, SWX. The sale was completed and at that point it became a wholly owned subsidiary of that group. To reflect the new owner the name was changed to Virt-x which was short for virtual exchange.[3][4]

In early 2008, virt-x formally changed its name to SWX Europe.[5]

As of 30 April 2009, SWX Europe ceased trading and all business was transferred to SIX Swiss Exchange.[1]


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