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Shripad Balwant Tambe was a pledger from Amravati in Berar division of Central Provinces. He was a member of the Swaraj Party and President of the Central Provinces Legislative Council.[1]

He was appointed member of the Government of Central Provinces after Moropant Vishvanath Joshi's tenure ended in 1925.[2] His appointment created political interest throughout India and the Swaraj Party. He was opposed by Motilal Nehru and others, but Mr. M R Jayakar from Bombay Legislative Council supported the move citing similarity with V J Patel.[1]

As of 1927 he inaugurated "The Poona Sevasadan Society, Nagpur Branch" on 2 January, when he was a member of Government of Central Provinces and Berar.[3]

In 1931, Tambe attended the 2nd Round Table Conference.


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