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Saadia (Arabic: سعدية‎, Hebrew: סעדיה‎) is an Arabic, Hebrew and Berber masculine proper name. It is used as a forename and more rarely as a surname. According to some classical rabbinical sources, the name derives from the Hebrew verb Sa'ad (Hebrew: סעד‎, support), and means "God has supported". According to researchers at the Wissenschaft des Judentums, however, it is an artificially Hebrewised form of the Arabic name Sa'id (Happy سعيد).[1] It is indeed common that in Arabic speaking countries, people called Saadia are also known as Sa'id.

Saadia Gaon, who seems to have been the first to have borne this forename, and is often just referred to as "Saadia," without further explanation; signing himself 'Sa'id ben Yosef "at the beginning of his career, he went on, in his work 'Sefer haGalouï' to call himself "Saadyahou" (סעדיהו) ; Moses ibn Ezra also uses the form Sa'adel (סעדאל).