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Saalivaahanan Poster .jpg
Theatrical poster
Directed by B. N. Rao
Produced by Bhaskar Pictures
Written by B. S. Ramaiah (story)
Kambadasan (dialogue)
Starring Ranjan
T. R. Rajakumari
M. G. Ramachandran
K. L. V. Vasantha
Release date
16 February 1945
Country India
Language Tamil

Saalivaahanan (Tamil: சாலிவாகணன்) is a Tamil language film starring Ranjan, T. R. Rajakumari, M. G. Ramachandran and K. L. V. Vasantha. The film was released in the 1945.[1]


Actor Role
Ranjan Saalivahanan
T. R. Rajakumari Princess Chandralekha
M. G. Ramachandran Vikramaditya
K. L. V. Vasantha
M. R. Santhanalakshmi
T. S. Balaiah
N. S. Krishnan
T. A. Madhuram
Nagercoil K. Mahadevan


  • Producer:
  • Production Company: Bhaskar Pictures
  • Director: B. N. Rao
  • Music: Nagercoïl K.Mahadevan
  • Lyrics:
  • Story: B. S. Ramaiah
  • Screenplay:
  • Dialogues: Kambadasan
  • Art Direction:
  • Editing:
  • Choreography:
  • Cinematography:
  • Stunt:
  • Dance:


The film had a sequence, a love scene between Ranjan and T. R. Rajakumari, in colour. It was done by hand-tinting each frame of the sequence.

M. G. Ramachandran, who was acting in minor roles at that time, played as villain. According to film historian Randor Guy, during the shooting of a sword fight between Ranjan and M. G. Ramachandran, the latter complained to the director that "Ranjan was putting in too much of realism in the fencing which was likely to hurt him!"[1]


  1. Kayirai edutthukko by N. S. Krishnan & T. A. Madhuram


According to film historian Randor Guy, Saalivaahanan did not do well at the box office and the producers lost heavily in the process. He stated the film would be remembered for coloured sequence and the comedy of Krishnan-Mathuram.[1]


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