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Sabor is the common Croatian name for the Croatian Parliament (full name Hrvatski sabor in Croatian), the country's legislative assembly.

Sabor, meaning "assembly" may also refer to:

  • Diet of Dalmatia (Dalmatinski sabor), a former legislative assembly in Dalmatia
  • Diet of Bosnia (Bosanski sabor), a former political body in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • The Holy Assembly of Bishops (Sveti arhijerejski sabor in Serbian), the highest organizational unit of the Serb Orthodox Church
    • Saborna crkva, any Cathedral church in the Serb Orthodoxy

Other uses:

  • Sabor (Tarzan), a fictional animal character from the Tarzan novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • Sabor River, a river in north-east Portugal (a tributary of the river Douro)
  • Sabor line (Linha do Sabor), a narrow gauge railway in Portugal which closed in 1988