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A saga novel is a novel among various literary novels which is encompassing the wide scopes of stories and narratives such as religious saga, national saga, family saga, and human saga, etc.


The major example of a saga novel in English literature is George Eliot's Middlemarch. In Russia, Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace is the representative saga novel. In Korea, Kyunglee Park's Lands (Tohgee) is one of the best saga novels in Korea. In the US, Pearl S. Buck's The Good Earth and Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind belong to the category of saga novels.

However, the British and American Sagas are usually underestimated more than middle-sized novels in academic institutions despite their public popularity. In China, Lo Guanzhong (Lo Kuanchung)'s Sanguo zhi yanyi (Sankuo chi yen-i; Romance of the Three Kingdoms) is the most representative and well-known saga novel since the 14th century as one of the four great classical novels in China.