Sagem myX-2

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Sagem myX-2
Sagem MyX-2.jpg
Compatible networksGSM 900/1800
DisplaySTN 256 colours

The Sagem myX-2 is a small and lightweight phone, with other similar models such as the myX-3, myX-8 and myC-2. It is manufactured by SAGEM Communication.

Features and Specifications[edit]


  • Depth-top: 19 mm
  • Depth-bottom: 15 mm
  • Length: 98 mm - 100 mm
  • Width: 42 mm


  • Battery Life: 340 hours
  • Battery Voltage: 3.77 V
  • Charging Time: 1hr 30 min to 2h


  • WAP Enabled: Yes
  • WAP Speed: 48.3 kbit/s
  • Pin Codes: 2
  • Loading Time: 5 seconds (approx.)


  • Screen Depth: 256 colors
  • Animated Menu: Yes
  • Menu Style: Scroll up images
  • Signal Range: Good/average
  • Aerial Hidden: Yes

Useful features[edit]

The Sagem has a useful WAP feature, which although slow, can be an emergency measure.

The myX-2 does not have a camera feature.

The Sagem also has a game with 4 options.


  • Sweetheart: a picture puzzle where you have to bring a couple together which are separated by hearts and squares.
  • Picture Puzzle 9 pieces: A nine piece picture puzzle, easy difficulty
  • Picture Puzzle 16 pieces: A sixteen piece picture puzzle, medium difficulty
  • Picture Puzzle 25 pieces: Hardest of the 3 picture puzzles, 25 pieces.

All 4 games have a high score record stored on the phone.

Special features[edit]

The Sagem myX-2 has a few special features such as a calculator and currency converter. It also has a hidden menu.

Hidden menu[edit]

Accessed by pressing '*' while in the menu, this hidden menu will show battery voltage, application versions, test the LCD and allows you to lock the SIM, using 'SIM Lock' (requires password).

LCD tester[edit]

  • Red Screen: Simply makes the screen red to test it.
  • Green Screen: Simply makes the screen green to test it.
  • Blue Screen: Simply makes the screen blue to test it.
  • Photo: Displays all the colours the screen/phone can handle it one image, on a grid.
  • Vibrate: Vibrates the phone to see the reaction from the screen.

Sim lock[edit]

Simply locks the sim card, requires a password. 35227500345365-3


  • Battery Status: Displays the current battery output in volts (V)
  • Version: Displays Version Info


Displays the IMEI info.


Accessed easily from the Accessories menu, this feature can be useful if you don't have a calculator to hand. It includes the basic add, subtract, divide, multiply.

Currency converter[edit]

No, not a live feed, but a useful converter when on the move. You can set the current rate and currency name.

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