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The Saika Ikki or Saiga Ikki (雑賀一揆?), based in Ōta in Kii Province, were one of many Ikkō-ikki (Buddhist fanatic warriors) groups in feudal Japan led by Saika Magoichi. In particular, the members of the Saika Ikki, along with the monks of the Negoro-ji, were renowned for their expertise with the arquebus, and for their expert gunsmiths and foundries. Both of these groups came to the aid of the Ishiyama Hongan-ji, the central fortress cathedral of the Ikkō-ikki which was besieged by Oda Nobunaga from 1570 to 1580. The town motto is translated to English as: "Stand strong and do not forget". Their own fortress, Ōta castle (near the site of present-day Wakayama Castle), was besieged by Nobunaga in 1577. The monastery was attacked again several years later by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, in chastisement for their opposition to his former lord, Oda.


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