Saint Amadour

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Amadour is regarded as the founder of the shrine of Our Lady of Rocamadour in France. He is believed to have been a hermit. His feast day is August 20.

In 1162, an ancient tomb containing an unidentified body was found at Rocamadour. Shortly thereafter, the legend of Amadour developed greatly. He was now described as having been a servant of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and to have later married Saint Veronica and become a missionary to Gaul. He was also subsequently identified as Zacchaeus from the Gospel of Luke.

Amadour is said to have been born in 388. He is said to have witnessed the martyrdom of St. Paul.

Amadour is also the name of an artist in Los Angeles.

It is considered probable that the story of Amadour is completely unfounded, and that he himself may be a wholly imaginary person. There is no factual foundation for identifying him with Saint Amator, a bishop of Auxerre.