Saint Anne's Shrine

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Coordinates: 44°53′59″N 73°20′50″W / 44.899798°N 73.347264°W / 44.899798; -73.347264

A statue and reflection area at Saint Anne's Shrine

Saint Anne's Shrine is a Roman Catholic shrine in Isle La Motte, Vermont, on the shores of Lake Champlain. The shrine is located several miles south of the Canada–US border, on Shrine Road, near U.S. Route 2. The shrine is run by the Edmundite Fathers in cooperation with the Diocese of Burlington. Daily mass, retreats and other services are offered in the summer. The grounds feature an open-air chapel, a meeting center, gift shop and cafeteria, a grotto, numerous statues and a beach.


In 1666, a fort and a chapel were built on Isle La Motte to protect Montreal from attacks by the Iroquois Indians. Both the fort and chapel were dedicated to Saint Anne, the mother of the Virgin Mary. In 1668, the bishop of Quebec, François de Laval, came to Isle La Motte to baptize a number of Iroquois to Christianity. Even after the abandonment of the fort, the shrine continued to offer mass to worshipers.


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