Saint Augustine School, Tanza

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Saint Augustine School (Tanza, Cavite)
JUedraL Sas building.jpg
Saint Augustine School Highschool building.
Motto Si Possunt cur non Ego
(If they can, why can't I)
Type Private, Sectarian
Established February 14, 1969
Principal Mercedita P. Pacumio
Director Rev. Fr. Alain P. Manalo
Administrative staff
Angelita Bobadilla
Location Tanza, Cavite, Philippines
Campus Tanza, Cavite
Colors White and Maroon
Nickname Augustinians, SAS

Saint Augustine School (SAS) is the first private and catholic school in Tanza, Cavite, Philippines.[1]


Saint Augustine School (SAS) of Tanza was named after the town's patron saint, St. Augustine, also fondly called, "Tata Usteng." It was founded on February 14, 1969 by Monsignor Francisco V. Domingo, the town's parish priest at that time. Envisioned as a school that will provide quality and ChristianCatholic educational formation to the young, it formally opened on June 1969 and offered kinder and grade one classes. The SAS educational system was placed under De La Salle supervision, and the impressive result of its first year operation convinced skeptics of the sincerity of its objectives and vision. From 44 pupils and two teachers, and succeeding school years saw the rapid growth of the school both in student environment and hired teachers.

After only one year a primary building was built beside the left wing of the church. Then in 1971, construction of another building for the High School classrooms started. It was completed in 1972. The basketball court followed.

Its first principal was Sr. Angeles Gabutina, AR, who served for two months, before Sr. Clemencia Ranin took over. When Sr. Ranin left, Sr. Matilde became the next principal in 1971. She stayed for two years, while Sr. Ma. Leonora served as elementary principal for SY 1972-1973. Then, in 1973-1976, Miss Patrocinio San Juan took over. The year 1975 also saw the retirement of Monsignor Francisco V. Domingo, both as town parish and school director. School Year 1975-1976 ushered in new administration for SAS. Fr. Luciano Paguiligan became the new director. Miss San Juan left, and in 1977, Fr. Corsie Legaspi took over her post. He stayed up to SY 1978-79. Then, from 1979–80, Sr. Teresita Octavio acted as principal, followed by Miss Julieta Hernandez from 1980–89 and then Rev. Fr. Teodoro Bawalan as School Director and Mercedita Pacumio as principal from 1989 up to present.

The Seal[edit]

The current Saint Augustine School logo was created and designed by Norgin MOLINA, a former student in 1988 with Mr. Justo R. Cabuhat Jr. as adviser. This now familiar symbol of Saint Augustine School has been adopted since 1988.

The word inscribed inside the logo are in Latin. Si Possunt cur non Ego. (If they can, Why Can't I) is famous quotation of Saint Augustine of Hippo, and is the school's motto, is inspiration of the self for excellence, happiness, and fulfilment in God.

This covers three aspects: Virtus (virtues), Patria (country), Scientia (knowledge).

Elements of the seal:

  • St. Augustine's Beret symbolizes March to Christianity
  • Cross the beret stresses that Christ is the center of the Catholic Education
  • The Heart signifies Love and Dedication to Service
  • The Philippine Seal means nationalism
  • The Nucleus invokes Continuous Struggle and Commitment to Improve Life.
  • The figure 1969 states the year when the school was founded in Tanza, Cavite.

The Circle means Unity, and the ribbon underneath where the school's name is written signifies Support and Cooperation of Administration, Faculty, Students, Parents and the Community.

School organ[edit]

Saint Augustine School is well known for its school publication 'The Crosier' & 'Ang Bakulo' being nominated and finalist in the Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA).

  • High School Department:
    • Ang Bakulo
    • The Crosier
  • Elementary Department:
    • Ang Mitra
    • The Miter

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