Saint Augustine in His Study (Botticelli, Uffizi)

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Saint Augustine in His Study
Sandro Botticelli - St Augustin dans son cabinet de travail.jpg
Artist Sandro Botticelli
Year 1490–1494
Medium Tempera on panel
Dimensions 41 cm × 27 cm (16 in × 11 in)
Location Uffizi, Florence

Saint Augustine in His Study, is a painting by the Italian Renaissance master Sandro Botticelli, finished around 1490-1494. It is housed in the Uffizi, in Florence.

This work was probably executed for an Augustinian hermit of Santo Spirito, as shown by the fact the saint wears both episcopal and hermit garments.

As many of Botticelli's late works, it is inspired by the preaching of Savonarola.

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