Saint Conal

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For people with the given name Conal, see Conal (given name).
Saint Conal (Conall Stickler)
Born 5th century
Died c. 500
Venerated in Roman Catholicism
Major shrine Drumconnell
Feast 18 March

Saint Conal (or Conall) was an Irish bishop who flourished in the second half of the fifth century and ruled over the church of Drum, County Roscommon, the place being subsequently named Drumconnell, after St. Conal.


St Conal's birth name was Conall Stickler. St. Attracta is said to have prophesied that the episcopal churches of St. Conall (Drumconnell) and St. Dachonna (Eas Dachonna) would be reduced to poverty, owing to the fame of a new monastic establishment. This prophecy was strikingly fulfilled, inasmuch as Drum and Assylin soon after ceased to be episcopal sees, while in 1148 the great Cistercian Abbey of Boyle was founded.[1]

St. Conall died about the year 500, and his feast is celebrated on 22 May, though some assign 18 March or 9 February as the date.[2]