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The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation (SLSMC), formerly known as the St. Lawrence Seaway Authority, is a nonprofit Crown corporation established in 1998 by the government of Canada, in partnership with Seaway users and other stakeholders, in order to ensure safe and efficient marine traffic.[1] As dictated by the 1998 Canada Marine Act, the Corporation manages and operates the assets of the St. Lawrence Seaway, which consists of 13 of the 15 locks between Montreal and Lake Erie, for the government under a long-term agreement with Transport Canada".[2]

The Corporation's stated mission is to "pass ships through a safe and reliable waterway system in a cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner for the benefit of all our stakeholders".[3] The Corporation’s activities include traffic management, navigation aids, safety, environmental programs, and trade development. The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation caters to the needs of shipping interests, ports, marine agencies, and provincial and state jurisdictions.

The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation is based in Cornwall, Canada and has additional offices in Saint-Lambert, and St. Catharines, Canada.

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