Saint Saturninus

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Saint Saturninus may refer to:

  • Saturninus (died c. 203), companion of Saints Perpetua and Felicity, martyred in Carthage, feast day: 7 March
  • Saturnin of Toulouse (died c. 257), first bishop of Toulouse, France, feast day: 29 November
  • Saturninus (died c. 303), name of four of the Martyrs of Zaragoza, feast day: 16 April
  • Saturninus (died 304), one of the Martyrs of Abitina, feast day: 12 February
  • Saturninus of Cagliari (died c. 304), martyred in Sardinia, feast day: 30 October
  • Saturninus, one of the Seven Robbers martyred on Corfu in the 2nd century

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