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Saint-Dorothée Commuter Train Station and Bus Terminal.JPG
Bus terminal and commuter train station
Location Ch. du Bord-de-l'Eau, Laval, Quebec[1]
Coordinates 45°31′24″N 73°51′40″W / 45.52333°N 73.86111°W / 45.52333; -73.86111Coordinates: 45°31′24″N 73°51′40″W / 45.52333°N 73.86111°W / 45.52333; -73.86111
Connections [1][2]
Parking Aiga parking inv.svg 1103 spaces[1]
Bicycle facilities 21 spaces[1]
Other information
Fare zone 3 [1]
Opened 1995
Electrified 25 kV AC 60 Hz catenary
Passengers (2015[3]) 953,700 (AMT)
Preceding station   AMT   Following station
toward Montreal

Sainte-Dorothée station is a commuter rail station in Laval, Quebec, Canada. It serves the Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) Deux-Montagnes Line in Greater Montreal.

Origin of name[edit]

Sainte-Dorothée takes its name from the Sainte-Dorothée district of Laval, Quebec.

Between 1993 and 1995, prior to the modernization of the Deux-Montagnes Line, there were three stations served now by Sainte-Dorothée, from north to south: Laval-sur-le-Lac, Laval-Links, and Sainte-Dorothée. There were plans to amalgamate Île-Bigras into this station as well, but plans were shelved after an outcry from residents of Île-Bigras.


The station is located at 1411 chemin du Bord-de-l'Eau at rue Gobeil, in Laval. It is easily accessible from Autoroute 440 which, west of Autoroute 13, becomes Avenue des Bois.

Connecting bus routes[edit]

Société de transport de Laval[edit]

Société de transport de Laval[1][2]
No. Route Name Route Map
(Click on
"Route map")
See note No. 1
Notre-Dame / to Montmorency metro station Map Schedule, westbound
76 Sainte-Rose / to Montmorency metro station Map Schedule, westbound
402 Train bus / to Sainte-Rose Map Schedule, westbound
404 Train bus / within Sainte-Dorothée Map Schedule, westbound
903 Express Montmorency / Sainte-Dorothée Map Schedule, northbound
  1. When the Metro extended into Laval, the STL 44 Samson, the T06 Les Jardins du Cardinal -- Taxi & the STL 72 Sainte-Rose were eliminated while the STL 144 Bord de l'eau no longer terminates at Sainte Dorothée train station.[2][4] The AMT website still shows the STL 144 and omits the STL 26 in error.[1]
  2. The STL route 804 was a pilot project. It is longer listed on the STL official website.[4]


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