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This article is about a nature photographer. For a photographer best known for portraits, see Sakae Tamura (photographer).
Shizen no katasumi de, a 1965 collection of photographs by Tamura, emphasizing the interest and beauty of the quotidian.

Sakae Tamura (田村 栄 Tamura Sakae?, 1910–2003) was a Japanese magazine editor and photographer of nature.

Tamura was born in Chiba in 1910, but his family moved to Tokyo in 1924.[1] Under the influence of his father, an amateur photographer, he started taking photographs in 1927.

Tamura worked from 1936 till 1973 in a succession of editorial posts, mostly preparing educational materials about nature. The first of these was within Kōgasha (光画社), where he worked on the photography magazine Gekkan Kogata Kamera (月刊小型カメラ). He subsequently moved to Seibundō Shinkōsha (誠文堂新光社), where he was the chief editor of the magazine of science for children Kodomo no Kagaku (子供の科学) and the astronomy magazine Tenmon Gaido (天文ガイド).

Tamura's book of photography of insects, showing the activities and life-cycles of insects, made him an innovator in Japan, where insect photography had previously been limited to unimaginative depictions of dead specimens.[2]

Tamura won an award from the Ministry of Education in 1951 for the book Konchū no seitai.

Between 1954 and 1960, Tamura took many photographs of bird life, and the increasing threats to this, along the stretch of the Tama River between Tokyo and Kawasaki, increasingly polluted and with an increasing percentage of its banks used for group leisure pursuits. In a book-length anthology of these published in 1962, he pointed out the decrease in the variety of bird life, and warned of the danger of further increases to come. Photographs from the book were exhibited in the National Science Museum of Japan in 1963.[3]

Tamura died in 2003.[4]


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