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Zestaponi region. Zeda Sakara is to the north of Zestaponi town

Zeda Sakara (also known as Sakara Verkhnyaya) is a community in the west of Georgia, about 40 km to the southeast of Kutaisi at an elevation of about 264 m, in the Zestaponi District. The village is about 1 km to the east of Kveda Sakara.

The psychologist and philosopher Dimitri Uznadze was born in this village in 1886.[1]

The Sakara Testing Station of Horticulture, established in 1932, had many varieties of apples and pears.[2] There are also many varieties of local Georgian grapevine.[3] The Sakara Viticulture and Winemaking Scientific-Research Station plays an important role in developing viticulture in the Zestafoni Region.[4] There is tourist potential: Zeda Sakara has a castle that dates to the 11th century.[4]


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Coordinates: 42°8′0″N 43°4′5″E / 42.13333°N 43.06806°E / 42.13333; 43.06806