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Sal Lavallo
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Born (1990-09-11) September 11, 1990 (age 29)
WebsiteOfficial site

Sal Lavallo (born September 11, 1990 in Indiana, United States)[1] is one of the youngest people to have visited every country.[2][3][4]


Lavallo was born in Indiana, United States. In 2011, he founded the NGO, Trail of Seeds, which promoted "culturally inclusive development" but has since become defunct.[5][6][7] After graduating from university, Lavallo worked for 3 years as a management consultant with McKinsey and Company in the Middle East and Africa. He has been based in Abu Dhabi, UAE since January 2012.[8][9] Lavallo converted to Islam in 2013 in the village of Mang'ula, Tanzania, where he owns a small farm.[10]


By the age of 24, Lavallo had visited over 100 countries while working and studying full time. He then took two years off work to travel full time, and just after his 27th birthday, he visited his final country, Malta, becoming one of the youngest to have visited every country.[11][12] He documented and shared his travels on his website, Instagram, and Youtube. He has also lived more than twos months in 15 countries, visited 50 countries twice or more times, and has entered 115 countries by land border.[13]


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