Salgotarjani Street Jewish Cemetery

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Entrance of Salgotarjani Street Jewish Cemetery

The Salgotarjani Street Jewish Cemetery (Hungarian: Salgótarjáni úti zsidó temető) is a Jewish cemetery of Budapest, Hungary. It is located in the 8th district of Budapest Józsefváros, besides Kerepesi Cemetery (officially named Fiumei úti nemzeti sírkert), with a stone wall between them.

It opened in 1874 and is now the oldest remaining Jewish cemetery on the Pest side of the city. When it was created, it was the third, after the cemeteries of Vaci and Lehel streets; since, these ones have disappeared, and buildings have been erected there.

Family vault of Vilmos tószegi Freund, designed by Emil Vidor, 1910.


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