Salpausselkä (ski jump)

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Lahti skijumps.jpg
The ski jumping hills
Location Lahti
Finland Finland
Coordinates 60°59′00″N 025°37′46″E / 60.98333°N 25.62944°E / 60.98333; 25.62944Coordinates: 60°59′00″N 025°37′46″E / 60.98333°N 25.62944°E / 60.98333; 25.62944
Operator Lahden Hiihtoseura
Opened 1977
K–point K-90
Hill size HS97
Hill record Poland Kamil Stoch
(103,5 m in 2017)
Norway Johann André Forfang
(138 m in 2017)
Spectator capacity 60,000[1]
Top events
World Championships 1978, 1989, 2001, 2017
The ski jumps in summer, the outlet area of the large ski slope is used as a swimming pool

Salpausselkä is a ski jumping venue in Lahti, Finland. The hills are K116, K90, K64, K38, K25, K15, K8 and K6.[2]


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