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Salute to Excellence is a category of awards issued by the Helicopter Association International since 1960, "for outstanding achievements in the international helicopter community".[1]

Salute of Excellence includes the following individual awards:[1][2]

Aviation Maintenance Technician Award (since 1994)
Aviation Repair Specialist Award (since 1995)
Igor I. Sikorsky Award for Humanitarian Service (since 1989; incorporates the former Crew of the Year Award)
Crew of the Year (1980–1995)
The Joe Mashman Safety Award (since 1987)
  • 2015 Edwin McConkey - Approach Software
Outstanding Certified Flight Instructor Award (since 1985)
  • 2015 Simon Spencer-Bower Wanaka Helicopters
Agusta Westland Community Service Award (since 1990)
Raise Your Sites! Award (1983–1988)
Max Schumacher Memorial Award (1967–1988)
Fly Neighborly Award (1982–1988)
Airbus Golden Hour Award (since 1982)
  • 2015 Snohomish Co
Excellence in Communications Award (since 1975)
Helicopter Maintenance Award (since 1973)
MD Helicopters Law Enforcement Award (since 1972)
  • 2015 U.S. Park Police Eagle One
Lawrence D. Bell Memorial Award (since 1971)
Robert E. Trimble Memorial Award (since 1961)
Appareo Systems Pilot of the Year Award (since 1960)
Bell Helicopter Lifetime Achievement
  • 2015 Lou Bartolotta


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