Sam's Game

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Sam's Game
Starring Sam Simon
Country of origin United States
Running time 22 mins
Original network Playboy TV
Original release June 11, 2009

Sam's Game was a celebrity poker program on Playboy TV.[1] It featured a lineup of comedians, Playmates, and professional Texas Hold 'Em players and was hosted by Simpsons' co-developer, Sam Simon.[2][3]


Shot at Hugh Hefner's private sky villa at the Palms Resort, the show featured celebrities playing traditional Texas Hold 'Em with their own actual money, as opposed to charity contributions.

Women in Playboy bunny costumes served as the card dealers and cocktail waitresses. A variety of comedians, actresses, professional card players, and ex-Playmates made up the rotating table of players, with Sam Simon being the only constant.

Featured players[edit]


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