Saman Salur

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Saman Salur
Saman Salur at 32th Fajr.jpg
Born 1976
Boroujerd, Iran
Nationality Iranian
Occupation Film director

Saman Salur or Saman Salour (born 1976 Boroujerd) is an award winning Iranian director and screenwriter. He is known for directing and writing the comedy feature 'A Few Kilos of Dates for a Funeral' 2006 winning Golden Leopard and Special Prize of the Jury at Locarno International Film Festival, a special Jury from Sofia International Film Festival and a Montgolfiere from the Three Continents Festival. His first documentary 'Residents of Silent Land' won award in Kyiv International Film Festival. His last movie "We will say Amen" has been banned for 4 years till 2016.


  • The Wind Will Comb Your Tresses, 2002 (Short Film)
  • IT’S A SONY, 2002 (Documentary)
  • The Guilty, 2002 (Cinematography)
  • From Land of Silence, 2004
  • A Few Kilos of Dates for a Funeral, 2006
  • Aramesh ba Diazepam 10, 2005 (Documentary)
  • Lonely Tune of Tehran, 2008
  • Stories on Human Rights, 2008
  • Be Hadaf Shelik Kon, 2011 (Writer)
  • Thirteen 59, 2011
  • We Will Say Amen, 2012 (New edition has been released on 2016)
  • Raspberries, 2013


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