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Bachelor of Film and Television (usually BF&TV or BFTV) is an undergraduate bachelor's degree awarded to students who have studied elements of Filmmaking and Television production at a three-year accredited university, or a four-year accredited college.

This degree is a relatively new degree program offered mainly in Australia and differs from most degrees by its practical focus. Many universities offer Film and Television as a single unit, or series of units (major) study in a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts or Bachelor of Communications. Increasingly, colleges in Ontario granted degree-granting status, are delivering professional baccalaureate degrees combining practice and theory. Sheridan College, (Oakville, Ontario) will be launching a Bachelor of Film and TV in September 2014.

The degree usually consists of study in areas of Scriptwriting, Film and Television Directing, Animation, Sound, Cinematography, Lighting and Typography.

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