Samuel Alfred Haynes

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Samuel Haynes
Samuel Alfred Haynes

OccupationCivil rights activist
Known forBelize's national anthem, "Land of the Free

Samuel Haynes (1899 - 1971) was an African-Caribbean Belizean soldier, activist and poet.

Life and career[edit]

He was a leader of the 1919 riot by Belizean soldiers who had fought for Great Britain in World War I and refused to accept racial discrimination at home. In 1925, he composed the lyrics of a song named "Land of the Gods", which later became Belize's national anthem, "Land of the Free".[1][2]

Also, prominent in the Garvey Movement, Haynes was once the President of the Pittsburgh Division, editor/writer for the Negro World[3] and for a brief period the Official American Representative for the UNIA-ACL 1929 under the Honorable Marcus Garvey.[4]


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