Samuel D. Betzner

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Samuel D Betzner (March 1, 1771 – August 10, 1856) was an American-born settler and district constable in Upper Canada. He was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, married before 1798 to Elizabeth Brech, and died near Flamborough, Ontario.

Samuel D and his brother-in-law came to Upper Canada in 1799 to join up with other Mennonites from Pennsylvania. The following spring, after wintering in Ancaster, they searched for land of their own. They bought land from Richard Beasley and partners in what became Waterloo County and constructed buildings. They were followed by other Mennonites from Pennsylvania, looking for inexpensive land and continued exemption from military service.

Betzner’s is recognized as one of the earliest settlers in Waterloo County.

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Today, the Betzner family still lives in the greater Toronto Area.