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Samuel Egerton (28 December 1711 – 10 February 1780) was a British landowner and Member of Parliament.


Samuel Egerton was born on 28 December 1711 at the family home, Tatton Park in Cheshire. Samuel was the son of John Egerton, a grandson of John Egerton, 2nd Earl of Bridgwater, and Elizabeth Barbour, daughter of Samuel Barbour.


As the second son of the family, and not the heir to the estate, he travelled to Italy, where from 1730 to 1735 he was an apprentice to the art-dealer and connoisseur Joseph Smith in Venice.

In 1738, Samuel became master of Tatton on the early death of his elder brother. In 1758, he inherited a vast legacy from his uncle, Samuel Hill and was then able to invest in improvements to Tatton Park.

He was Member of Parliament for Cheshire from 1 May 1754 until his death in 1780.

Marriage and family[edit]

Samuel married Beatrix Copley, daughter of the Rev. John Copley. Their only child was a daughter, Beatrix, who married Daniel Wilson of Dallam Tower. He was the son of Edward Wilson and grandson of Daniel Wilson). Beatrix Wilson died in childbirth in 1779, without leaving a surviving child.[1]

Samuel's sister Hester therefore became heiress of the Tatton estates. On 8 May 1780 her name was legally changed to Egerton by Royal Licence; her son William also adopted the surname of Egerton and was the ancestor of the Barons Egerton.