Samuel Galton Jr.

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Samuel Galton

Samuel John Galton Jr. FRS (18 June 1753 - 19 June 1832), born in Duddeston, Birmingham, England. Despite being a Quaker he was an arms manufacturer. He was a member of the Lunar Society and lived at Great Barr Hall. He also built a house at Warley Woods, and commissioned Humphry Repton to lay out its grounds.[1]

He married Lucy Barclay (1757–1817), daughter of Robert Barclay Allardice, MP, 5th of Urie. They had eight children:

  • Mary Anne Galton (1778–1856), married Lambert Schimmelpenninck in 1806
  • Sophia Galton (1782–1863) married Charles Brewin in 1833
  • Samuel Tertius Galton (1783–1844) (whose son Francis Galton was also notable)
  • Theodore Galton (1784–1810)
  • Adele Galton (1784–1869) married John Kaye Booth, MD, in 1827, dsp.
  • Hubert John Barclay Galton (1789–1864)
  • Ewen Cameron Galton, (1791–1800), died aged 9.
  • John Howard Galton (1794–1862), father of Douglas Strutt Galton.

Galton owned 300 acres (120 ha) of land at Westhay Moor, Somerset, which he had drained, by constructing Galton's Canal.[2]


Galton Bridge at Smethwick is named in his honour, and he is remembered by the Moonstones in Birmingham and a tower block in the centre of that city.


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Further reading[edit]

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