San Bruno, Baja California Sur

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Not to be confused with San Bruno, California.
San Bruno
San Bruno is located in Mexico
San Bruno
San Bruno
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 27°09′37″N 112°09′31″W / 27.16028°N 112.15861°W / 27.16028; -112.15861Coordinates: 27°09′37″N 112°09′31″W / 27.16028°N 112.15861°W / 27.16028; -112.15861
Country Mexico
State Baja California Sur

San Bruno is a populated place at the Gulf of California in Mulegé Municipality in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. It is located at 27°09′37″N 112°09′31″W / 27.16028°N 112.15861°W / 27.16028; -112.15861, about 20 kilometers north of the city of Mulegé. The short-lived Jesuit Misión San Bruno founded by Father Eusebio Kino (the first mission established in Las Californias) was established there in 1683, and abandoned in 1685. The town has a 2010 census population of 623 inhabitants and is situated at an elevation of 1 meter (3 ft.) above sea level.[1]

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This area has a large amount of sunshine year round due to its stable descending air and high pressure. According to the Köppen Climate Classification system, San Bruno has a mild desert climate, abbreviated "Bwh" on climate maps.[2]