San Cipriano

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River San Cipriano
Rio San Cipriano
San Cipriano-Sabalos-2008.JPG
Charco los Sabalos
Country Colombia
Physical characteristics
Main source Indios Chibchas
200 metres (660 ft)
San Cipriano village

San Cipriano (Spanish pronunciation: [san siˈpɾjano]) is a small village located at 200 metres (660 ft) above sea level on the Pacific nearby the port of Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca Department, Colombia.


The town is small and the locals friendly. Swimming in the river and going on nature walks are popular leisure activities. River tubing through the rapids (drifting in large inflatable tyres) is also very popular. There is a small primary school in San Cipriano.

San Cipriano is well known for its unique transportation system; to get there from Cordoba, you must travel using small, flat, open train carts called "brujitas", which use the abandoned railway and are usually made of wood. They are powered either by a hand pump or a motorbike that pulls it.[1]


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actually San Cipriano is being destroyed: