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Sanarara Coverart.png
Developer(s) NekoNeko Soft
Publisher(s) NekoNeko Soft
Platform(s) PC,
  • JP: April 29, 2005
Genre(s) Eroge, Visual novel
Mode(s) Single-player

Sanarara (サナララ) is a Japanese adult visual novel developed by NekoNeko Soft. It was released on April 29, 2005 for the PC as a DVD. It was rereleased on August 27, 2010 as part of NekoNeko 3rd Premium Box.


The gameplay in Sanarara requires little interaction from the player, as most of the duration of the game is only spent on reading the text that appears on the lower portion of the screen, representing either dialogue between characters, or the inner thoughts of the protagonist. Every so often, the player will come to a "decision point", where he or she is given the chance to choose from multiple options. The time between these points varies and can occur anywhere from a minute to much longer. Text progression pauses at these points and depending on the choices that the player makes, the plot will progress in a specific direction.. There are multiple plot lines that the player will have the chance to experience. To view all of the plot lines, the player will need to replay the game multiple times, access different areas and make different choices to progress the plot in an alternate direction. One of the goals of the gameplay is to view the hentai scenes, depicting one of the protagonists having sexual intercourse with one of the heroines.

Plot and characters[edit]

Unlike most visual novels, Sanarara consists of four chapters and follows the stories of four protagonists.


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