Sanctity of Brothers

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"Sanctity Of Brothers"
Song by Unearth
from the album III: In the Eyes of Fire
Released August 8, 2006
Recorded Studio X, Seattle, Washington
Genre Metalcore
Length 3:28
Label Metal Blade Records
Songwriter(s) Mike Justian, John Maggard, Paul McGrath, Trevor Phipps, Ken Susi
Producer(s) Terry Date
III: In the Eyes of Fire track listing
March of the Mutes
"Sanctity Of Brothers" The Devil Has Risen

"Sanctity of Brothers" is the fourth track on the 2006 Unearth album, III: In the Eyes of Fire. The music video to this song is part one to three parts of a story.


Here is what Trevor Phipps, the lead singer, had to say about the video:



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