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Sandercock may mean:


  • Craig Sandercock, the current head coach of Super League team Hull Kingston Rovers
  • Graham Sandercock, a politician, author, journalist and former teacher living in Cornwall, UK
  • Leonie Sandercock, Australian academic currently teaching at the School of Community & Regional Planning at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
  • Phil Sandercock (born 21 June 1953 in Plymouth), a former professional footballer, who played for Torquay United
  • Elmer Sandercock (29 July 1894 – 25 July 1971), was a Canadian politician


  • Sandercock Nunataks (Coordinates: 68°32′S 52°4′E), an isolated group of nunataks about 45 miles east-southeast of the Nye Mountains in Enderby Land in Antarctica