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Sandrine Voillet is a French art historian and television presenter.[1]

Voillet was raised in Nantes and was educated at the École du Louvre. She has also worked in the film industry.

She made her television debut presenting Paris a three part series made for BBC 2 about the city,[1] and wrote the accompanying book.[2]

Since, she made guest appearances on other documentaries about Paris such as "The Supersizers Eat … the French Revolution" ( BBC 2, 2009), "Monumental Challenge - Eiffel Tower" ( History Channel, 2011), "Pricing the Priceless - Eiffel Tower" ( US National Geographic, 2011), or "Edward Burra", a documentary presented by Andrew Graham Dixon (BBC, 2011).

She sometimes writes articles and features for the UK press: Lonely Planet, The Independent, Metropolitan, among others. She is also a scriptwriter, having won the Jury Special Prize at The French Screenwriting Festival in 2001.


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