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Warner with Fess Parker in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, 1962.

Sandy Faye Warner (born March 14, 1935) is an actress, model, and singer.[1][2]

Early years[edit]

Warner was born in Middletown, Orange County, New York,[3] She and her twin sister, Sonia, began entertaining with a singing act when they were 5 years old.[4]


As the face of Exotica, she appeared on the first 12 Martin Denny album covers, and 16 in total, beginning with Exotica in 1957, which reached no.1 in the Billboard charts.[5]

Martin Denny recalls, "She was a stunning model, extremely photogenic. She posed for at least the first dozen albums I did. They always changed her looks to fit the mood of the package."[6]

She later went on to release an album of her own: Steve Allen Presents Fair and Warner, for which Martin Denny wrote the sleeve notes.

She also appeared as cover girl for other artists such as Mickey Katz's The Most Mishige.[7]

Warner appeared at the 50th anniversary celebration of the film Some Like It Hot held at the Hotel del Coronado in 2009.[2]

TV and movie career[edit]

Warner appeared in a number of films,[8] often with her twin sister Sonia, including: The Human Jungle, Some Like It Hot,[8] Nicholas Ray's Party Girl,[9] and John Boorman's Point Blank.[10] She also appeared in television series such as The Fugitive,[11] two episodes of The Twilight Zone ("A Nice Place to Visit"[12][13] and "The Dummy"[14]), and one episode of Perry Mason ("The Case of the Bountiful Beauty"[15] (1964)), playing the role of murder victim Stephanie Carew.

Warner was cast as Pat Smith, the wife of fictitious U.S. Senator Eugene Smith in the ABC sitcom, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, starring Fess Parker in the title role.[16]


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