Sangkha District

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Ban Non Sabai, tambon Krathiam
Ban Non Sabai, tambon Krathiam
Amphoe location in Surin Province
Amphoe location in Surin Province
Coordinates: 14°38′10″N 103°51′10″E / 14.63611°N 103.85278°E / 14.63611; 103.85278Coordinates: 14°38′10″N 103°51′10″E / 14.63611°N 103.85278°E / 14.63611; 103.85278
Country  Thailand
Province Surin
Seat Sangkha
 • Total 1,009.0 km2 (389.6 sq mi)
Population (2014)
 • Total 129,993
 • Density 124.4/km2 (322/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+7 (THA)
Postal code 32150
Geocode 3210

Sangkha (Thai: สังขะ, pronounced [sǎŋ.kʰàʔ]) is a district (amphoe) in the southern part of Surin Province, northeastern Thailand.


In 1759 the White Elephant of King Ekkathat escaped from Ayutthaya to the forest in Khwaeng Mueang Phimai area. Chiang Kha (เชียงฆะ), leader of Ban Khok Atcha and his groups volunteered to catch the elephant and succeed. King Ekkathat promoted him to be Phra Sangkhaburi Si Nakhon Atcha (พระสังฆะบุรีศรีนครอัจจะ) and upgraded Ban Khok Atcha to be Mueang Sangkha in 1763.

In 1778, King Taksin the Great lead his troop to Vientiane and Champasak. Mueang Sangkha was a part of the king troop. When King Taksin won, he promoted the governor of Sangkha to the rank of a Phraya.

In 1806 the status of Mueang Sangkha was upgraded to be a direct subordinate of the capital Bangkok.

In 1828 Phraya Sankhaburi (Thong Duang) was endorsed to become Mueang Khukhan governor to replace the killed previous governor.

In 1907 Monthon Isan was divided into 4 sections (Boriwen). Mueang Sangkha was under the Surin Section, together with Mueang Surin. Mueang Sangkha at that time was subdivided into 3 districts, Sangkha, Si Khonphum and Changkan.

In 1912 Monthon Isan was split into Monthon Roi Et and Monthon Ubon Ratchathani. Mueang Surin was included to Monthon Ubon Ratchathani, Mueang Sankha continued to be under Mueang Surin.


Neighboring districts are (from the west clockwise) Kap Choeng, Prasat, Lamduan, Si Narong of Surin Province, Khukhan of Sisaket Province, Buachet of Surin Province again and Oddar Meancheay of Cambodia. The southern part of this district is located in the Dângrêk Mountains.


The district is subdivided into 12 subdistricts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 187 villages (muban). Sangkha itself is a subdistrict municipality (thesaban tambon) and covers parts of the tambon Sangkha and Ban Chop. There are further 12 Tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

No. Name Thai Villages Inh.[1]
01. Sangkha สังขะ 17 13,699
02. Khon Taek ขอนแตก 17 09,597
06. Dom ดม 16 07,873
07. Phra Kaeo พระแก้ว 17 12,661
08. Ban Chan บ้านจารย์ 13 08,121
09. Krathiam กระเทียม 21 13,094
10. Sakat สะกาด 15 09,772
11. Ta Tum ตาตุม 17 13,509
12. Thap Than ทับทัน 16 11,571
13. Ta Khong ตาคง 14 08,676
15. Ban Chop บ้านชบ 11 09,663
17. Thep Raksa เทพรักษา 13 08,636

Missing numbers now form the district Si Narong.


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