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The entrance from Bredgadew

Sankt Annæ Passage (literally St. Ann's Passageway) is a passageway and surrounding mixed-use complex linking Bredgade with Store Kongensgade in central Copenhagen, Denmark. The newspaper Dagbladet Information is based in one of the buildings.


The building complex was constructed for the businessman Ferdinand Schmahl in 1016–19 to design by architect Niels Banke.[1]

Commemorative plaques[edit]

Commemorative plaque for Olfert Fischer, Olaf Rye and Frederik Büllow

Above one of the doors is a plaque that descripes the history of the complex. It mentions when it was built as well as the names of the developer, architect and involved master craftsmen.

Another plaque commemorates that Børge Outze founded the newspaper Dagbladet Information at the site on 4 May 1945. It was installed in 2012 to mark the 100 year' anniversary of his birth.

A third plaque commemorates that Vide Admiral ral Olfert Fischer (until 1829), Major-General Olaf Rye (juntil 1849) and Lieutenant-General Frederik Büllow all lived in the building that stood at the site until 1892. Fischer commanded the Danish fleet in the Vattle of Copenhagen on 2 April 1802 while the two others participated in the Battle of Fredericia on 6 July 1849.


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