Sant'Ambrogio Altarpiece (Botticelli)

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Madonna and Child with Six Saints
Botticelli Sant'Ambrogio.jpg
Artist Sandro Botticelli
Year c. 1470
Medium Tempera on panel
Dimensions 167 cm × 195 cm (66 in × 77 in)
Location Uffizi, Florence

The Madonna and Child with Six Saints, also known as Sant'Ambrogio Altarpiece, is a painting by the Italian Renaissance master Sandro Botticelli, finished around 1470. It is housed in the Galleria degli Uffizi, in Florence.

It portrays the Virgin enthroned with the saints Mary Magdalene, John the Baptist, Francis, Catherine of Alexandria and, kneeling, Cosmas and Damian (patrons of the House of Medici). It is in fact most likely[1] that the latter are portraits of Medici members. Lorenzo il Magnifico and his brother Giuliano have been considered.


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