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Coordinates: 36°43′24″N 107°58′45″W / 36.723411°N 107.979085°W / 36.723411; -107.979085 (Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union)

Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union
Credit Union
IndustryBanking and Credit
Headquarters1641 N. First St, Ste. 170, ,
United States
Area served
Santa Clara and San Benito Counties
ServicesBanking, Credit, and Loans
Number of employees
112 [1]

Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union, also known as County Federal, is a credit union which offers membership to both employees and retirees of certain Santa Clara County, California, businesses, as well as their relatives.[2] Like other United States credit unions, it is a non-profit organization founded for the purpose of providing service to its members and is funded by its members.


SCCFCU provides many products and services to its members, including loans, savings, discounts, and checking. Also, due to its non-profit nature, it can usually provide an average lower loan interest rate and higher savings interest rate than most for-profit organizations because any profit made is used for the benefit of its members rather than kept.[3]


County Federal serves people employed by their corporate partners in Santa Clara County, California, as it did in the past, and also employees of their corporate partners in San Benito County.[4] Some of their most notable corporate partners include Santa Clara County Office of Education, Valley Medical Center, and the state of California.[5] Membership is also available to the spouses, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, step-siblings, stepchildren, legal adoptees, and legal adopters of current and retired members.[2] Other persons living with and maintaining a single economic unit with active and former members are also eligible, subject to verification.


SCCFCU, holding federal charter #24299, is one of the largest credit unions in the San Francisco Bay Area, with US$500 million in assets[1] and roughly 43,000 members. On average, it holds $280 million in loans, employs 112 people, and employs one person for every t391 members.[1] The bank has an average Net Worth Ratio of 11.03%, Percent Loan Growth of -7.56%, Loan/Assets Ratio of 55:13, and Investments/Assets Ratio of 40 to 29.[1]


Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union is funded, as most banks are, through its members' participation,[3] however, it is insured by and can draw money from the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund in emergencies.[6] It isn't, however, a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.


County Federal was founded on May 8, 1950, by eight county employees with only $107.[4] These employees worked for free, volunteering their own time to establish the company. It was originally called the Santa Clara County Employees Credit Union and was first located at 1090 N. First Street in San Jose, California. In 1987, the union was federally chartered through the National Credit Union Administration,[7] and in 1997, it reached $200 million in assets, placing it in the top three percent of US credit unions by assets.[4]


Branch Year Opened Moves
San Jose Branch 1950 Original San Jose Branch Is Moved To 852 N. First Street.
Gilroy Branch 1970 Moved to 6915 Camino Arroyo, Suite 50 (The Gilroy Crossing Shopping Center) in 2004
Campbell Branch 1972
Almaden Branch 1991 Moved to 5353 Suite 65 (The Almaden Plaza Shopping Center) in 2005
City Centre Branch 2007
East San Jose Branch 2009 Table:[4]


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