Santa Justa Klan

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Santa Justa Klan
Origin Madrid, Spain
Genres Pop
Years active 2005–2006
Labels EMI
Associated acts Fran Perea
Past members Víctor Elías
Natalia Sánchez
Adrián Rodríguez
Andrés de la Cruz

Santa Justa Klan was a Spanish band that emerged from the TV show Los Serrano. It was formed by several of the actors in the series: Victor Elias, Natalia Sánchez, Adrián Rodríguez and Andrés de la Cruz. The target audience was children who had sent in letters referring to the sometimes troubling situations which occur in school between boys and girls. In the series, the leader of the group is Guille (Victor Elias). From their first album they released two singles: "A Toda Mecha", which launched them to fame, and "Del 1 al 10 (From One to Ten)".


In 2006 they released their second studio album, "DPM" on the Dro Atlantic label, which followed the lines of the first album, talking about issues that occurred at school. Their first single was "Con Angelina Jollie me va la olla" and the second one was "Como toques mi bocadillo te muerdo (Boliche's anthem)". Currently, the group is disbanded.

Group members[edit]


SJK (2005)[edit]

  1. A toda mecha
  2. Adiós papá
  3. Soy la caña
  4. Yo paso del amor
  5. Del 1 al 10
  6. Metrosexual
  7. Me pica
  8. Nadie manda
  9. La profesora de inglés
  10. Pienso en ti constantemente
  11. Estoy pá' alla
  12. Me piro

DPM (2006)[edit]

  1. Con Angelina Jolie se me va la olla
  2. D.P.M.
  3. Bésame
  4. Después del tono
  5. Primero lo primero
  6. Entre muñecas
  7. Primer encuentro
  8. Ke te pires
  9. Paso de ti
  10. Quiero despegar
  11. Outro (Boliche's anthem)