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A sapper is an individual combat engineer soldier usually in British, Commonwealth, or U.S. military service.

Sapper may also refer to:


  • Sapper (author), the pen name of Herman Cyril McNeile (1888-1937), British author
  • Alan Sapper (1931–2006), British trade unionist, brother of Laurie Sapper
  • Karl Sapper (1866-1945), German explorer and linguist who worked in Central America
  • Laurie Sapper (1922–1989), British trade unionist, brother of Alan Sapper
  • Richard Sapper (1932–2015), German industrial designer


  • A Sapper army, was a multi-brigade military construction engineer formation organized by the Soviet Union's Red Army during World War II.
  • Sapper's Bog Scorpion Cave, is a cave in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar.
  • Sapper Divers Detachments, are the Portuguese Navy's combat divers unit.
  • Sapper Hill, a mountain of East Falkland
  • Sapper Tab, a badge worn by US Army personnel who have completed the Sapper Leader Course
  • Sapper, a fictional character on the TV series The Wire
  • The Sapper VCs is a book by Colonel GWA Napier published in 1998, it details the accounts of 55 officers and men of the Royal Engineers who have been awarded the Victoria Cross.
  • The Electro Sapper is a weapon for the spy in Team fortress 2. This weapon destroys structures that engineer has built when it is deployed on them.