Sapphire Tower (San Diego)

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Sapphire Tower
April 2009
General information
Type Residential
Location San Diego, California
Coordinates 32°43′09.03″N 117°10′09.21″W / 32.7191750°N 117.1692250°W / 32.7191750; -117.1692250Coordinates: 32°43′09.03″N 117°10′09.21″W / 32.7191750°N 117.1692250°W / 32.7191750; -117.1692250
Construction started 2006
Completed 2008
Cost $66.6 million
Antenna spire None
Roof 380 ft (120 m)
Technical details
Floor count 32
Design and construction
Architect Austin Veum Robbins Parshalle

Sapphire Tower is the 17th tallest building in San Diego, California and is a prominent fixture in San Diego's skyline. It has a height of 380 ft (116 m) and contains 97 units. Located at the southwest corner of Kettner Boulevard and A Street in the Core district of Downtown San Diego, Sapphire Tower is a 32-story building that utilizes the late-modernist architectural style and was designed by the architect firm Austin Veum Robbins Parshalle.

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