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Sar-El logo.png
Logo of Sar-El
Agency overview
Formed 1982; 33 years ago (1982)
Headquarters Flag of Israel.svgTel Aviv
Agency executive
  • Israel Geva[1], Executive General Manager

Sar-El (Hebrew: שר-אל, lit. "Service for Israel"), is the non-profit, non-political organization and national project for volunteers for Israel. The association was founded in spring 1983 by Yehuda Meir Indor and Cantors, and Aaron David, an Israeli general, was invited to be its head. Most of the volunteers arrived in Israel as part of the organization from the United States and from France.[2] Volunteers are employed in a few weeks the IDF workshops - usually related jobs in maintenance and Logistics.


  1. Contribution to strengthening the continuity of the Jewish people.
  2. Creating a cultural exchange between Diaspora Jewry and Israel .
  3. Partnership with Israel's supporters around the world for mutual benefit.

In 1988 the association was awarded the Speaker's Prize.


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